Water and Environment

Effective management of water and environmental resources is central to sustainable development. Water and environment Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) focus on halving by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, and ensuring environmental stability. Meeting the water and sanitation targets will contribute to the realization of other UN MDGs, including reducing poverty, promoting gender equality, reducing child and maternal mortality and providing universal primary education. Through the technical cooperation programme, the IAEA provides Member States with information and skills in nuclear technologies that will help them to better understand and manage water resources and the environment.

Isotope hydrology is used in mapping underground aquifers to improve groundwater management, as well as to investigate contamination events and support recovery efforts. It is also used as a means of improving dam safety and sustainability.

Environmental protection efforts benefit from the use of nuclear techniques to conduct surveys of pollutants in marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments, thereby assisting in the management and remediation of contaminated zones.

Establishment of Fresh Water Resource Management Plan by Strengthening Capacity for Wastewater Treatment Through Radiation Fusion Technology